John Vadney Past Presidents’ Award

John Vadney was one of the founding fathers of NYSMATYC, but what set him apart from the rest of the founders was his continuous attendance at conferences for more than 40 years. His final contribution to the organization was to the Scholarship Fund. He pushed his fellow past presidents to contribute to the Scholarship Fund to push the total scholarship awards given by NYSMATYC to students to over $100,000. As a result of his efforts a new scholarship was created in 2010 for high achievers called the Past Presidents’ Award and was renamed in 2011 to the John Vadney Past Presidents’ Award. Over the past seven years, the efforts of Ernie Danforth and several other past board members have helped NYSMATYC to raise several thousand dollars in scholarship donations!

Helen Siner Scholarship Award

Helen Siner taught mathematics at Staten Island Community College which later became the College of Staten Island a 4-year CUNY unit. In 1975 Helen was honored by NSYSMATYC for Outstanding Contributions to Mathematics Education. During the 1970’s and 1980’s Helen chaired the Scholarship Committee almost continuously. After her death in the early 1990’s the top NYSMATYC Scholarship Award was named in Helen’s honor.

Winner: Kristo Nasto at SUNY Corning, $1000
​An international student planning to earn BS in Civil Engineering, and then a Masters. Has been on Presidents List at CCC for four semesters. The highest scoring student at CCC on the NYSMATYC Math Competition. Very involved on Campus and the community.

Dan Dodway Scholarship Award

Dan Dodway was a professor of mathematics at Broome Community College. He served as NYSMATYC’s 21st president. Dan also served the organization as Articulation chair as well as working with Paul Earl on some very successful Summer Institutes, the forerunner to our Professional Development Committee. In the mid 1990’s Dan was killed in a tragic ultra-light plane accident. To honor his memory, the highest scholarship given annually to a student with intentions of pursuing a career in mathematics education was named in Dan’s honor.

Winner: Roaa Rdeef at Westchester Community College, $1000
​Plans to earn a Bachelors in Mathematics, and then a Masters of Teaching, Mathematics.

NYSMATYC Award for Excellence in Mathematics

Winners: ​Rossmery Pesantez at SUNY Sullivan, $800
​Thi Bichtruyen Ngueyn at Onondaga CC, $800
​Grace Smith at Hudson Valley CC, $800
​Duane Barrow at Niagara CC, $300
​Alexis Riccardo at Onondaga CC, $300

The following members have contributed to the 2018 NYSMATYC Scholarship Fund. Scholarships are primarily funded by donations and vendor fees from the previous year. We extend our heartfelt thanks to each and every member for their generous support. Since NYSMATYC was founded in 1967, over $166,250 in scholarships has been distributed to students continuing their education. 

2019 Silver Donors

Elizabeth Congdon Borough of Manhattan C.C.
Amanda Bartels Borough of Manhattan CC
Anne Prial Bronx CC
Armen Baderian Broome CC
Cherie Pash-Corr Columbia Greene CC
Colleen Stevens Corning CC
Dennis Stramiello Corning CC
Diane Marie Geerken Corning CC
Donald Willner Corning-PP West HS
Donald Willner Dutchess CC
Edward Wright Erie CC
Emad Alfar Erie CC - South
Erin Newton Erie CC - South
Ernie Danforth Finger Lakes CC
Frank Mandery Fulton Montgomery CC
Howard Sporn Hudson Valley CC
Jane Tanner Jamestown CC
Joan Page Mohawk Valley CC
John McCreight Mohawk Valley CC
Joseph Straight Mohawk Valley CC
Judy Cain Nassau CC
Julie Croteau Nassau CC
Kathleen Offenholley Nassau CC
Kathleen Cantone Nassau CC
Larry Page Nassau CC
Les Frimerman Nassau CC
Liana Erstenyuk Nassau CC
Lilia Orlova Nassau CC
Lisa Topolovec NYC College of Technology
Mark Radlowski Onondaga CC
Mary Beth Orrange Onondaga CC
Michael Steuer Onondaga CC
Michael Riedinger Onondaga CC
Michelle Tubbs Onondaga CC
Nancy Putnam Onondaga CC
Natalia Novak Orange County CC
Patricia Lanz Orange County CC
Patricia Lanz Queensborough CC
Peter Arvanites Rockland CC
Rachel VanDerStuyf Suffolk County CC
Raymond LaBounty Sullivan County CC
Richard Moscatelli SUNY Cobleskill
Satyanand Singh SUNY Fredonia
Sean Simpson Tompkins Cortland CC
Shaun Rajan Tompkins Cortland CC
Sophia "
Georgiakaki" Tompkins Cortland CC
Timothy Frawley Tompkins Cortland CC
Timothy Putnam Westchester CC
William Lomanto Westchester CC

2019 Gold Donors

Lisa Queeney-Vadney Fulton Montgomery CC
Christopher Kemp Genesee CC
Sue Kutryb Hudson Valley CC
Allen Angel Monroe CC

2020 Silver Donors

Dennis Stramiello Nassau CC
Jack Lubowsky Nassau CC
Shaun Rajan Westchester CC
Liana Erstenyuk Borough of Manhattan C.C.
Sara Rose Broome CC
Heather Huntington Nassau CC
Lilia Orlova Nassau CC
Armen Baderian Nassau CC
Colleen Stevens Onondaga CC
Kathleen Cantone Onondaga CC
Peter Arvanites Rockland CC
Matthew Matcovich Rockland CC
Nancy Putnam Tompkins Cortland CC
Timothy Putnam Tompkins Cortland CC
Judy Cain Tompkins Cortland CC
Elizabeth Congdon Broome CC
Julie Croteau Corning CC
Mark Radlowski Mohawk Valley CC
Satyanand Singh NYC College of Technology
Erin Newton Onondaga CC
Mary Crawford-Mohat Onondaga CC
Diane Marie Geerken SUNY Cobleskill
Michael Helinger Clinton CC
Maryanne Johnson Dutchess CC
Doris Schoonmaker Hudson Valley CC
Cherie Pash-Corr Hudson Valley CC
Michelle Tubbs Orange County CC
Joseph Straight SUNY Fredonia
Raymond LaBounty Corning CC
Les Frimerman Nassau CC
Anne Prial Orange County CC
Lisa Topolovec Sullivan County CC
Frank Mandery Finger Lakes CC
Emad Alfar Nassau CC
John McCreight Columbia Greene CC
George Hurlburt Corning CC
Jayashree Hurlburt Corning CC
Mary Beth Orrange Erie CC
Patricia Lanz Erie CC - South
Larry Page Onondaga CC
Patty Owens Onondaga CC
Joan Page Onondaga CC
Edward Wright Suffolk County CC
Paul Earl Broome CC
Ernie Danforth Corning CC

2020 Gold Donors

Lisa Queeney-Vadney Fulton Montgomery CC
Sue Kutryb Hudson Valley CC
Allen Angel Monroe CC
Joseph Browne Onondaga CC